Honouring someone’s life is a special privilege. Working together with those who are bereaved requires heightened tenderness, mindfulness and empathy.

My role is to ensure that your loved one is remembered and celebrated with dignity, respect and authenticity. Sometimes there are complicated issues surrounding someone’s passing. I am here to assist you in determining the best approach to these. You may want me to be responsible for the entire ceremony or just part of it. There may be particular rituals that personally resonate with the essence and memory of your loved one. In conjunction with you, your beloved’s life will be faithfully remembered.

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Perhaps you do not wish to be legally married but want to acknowledge the depth of your union. It may well include similar components to those of a marriage but without the legal requirements. In conjunction with you I will compose it with all that is integral to your relationship and values. 

Other ceremonies for your consideration and celebration may be a renewal of vows, a child’s naming ceremony, an anniversary, a special birthday, retirement or another significant life event.

Whatever the situation I am very happy to assist in creating a ceremony that is engaging and eternally meaningful.